Madame Blue and the Spirit of Humanism



Great Joyful events are upon us both from the past and from to come.

We are celebrating this Fourth the Spirit of the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the birth of this great Republic which broke so distinctly from the tyrannies of History. We have watched as these tyrannies have sought to re-establish themselves and grow and now we are witness to their spreading demise.

This fourth we are celebrating the Spirit of Ellis Island.  Ellis Island, which also housed the Statue of Liberty was also the arrival destination of some 12 million immigrants from 1905 to 1954. Immigrants were carefully inspected for diseases upon entry and if they were discovered to be contagious they were detained and quarantined. This is unlike the current practice which simply lets anybody in regardless if they have infectious diseases or not. It is estimated that 22% of the current illegal immigrants(the borders are wide open) are carriers of such things as contageous tuberculosis and Whooping Cough.

Arrivals were not only expected to be processed within legality but they were given quick citizenship courses and tests. Those who arrived through Ellis Island have largely cherished their citizenship.

America has a unique tradition. Unlike the countries of the Old World this nation was founded upon Revolution and that Revolution was that of the Renaissance. Today we stand as a society facing a Technocracy and a Technocratic Elite which seeks to displace Humanism and the Humanistic Ideal with an efficient robot society without Human input.  We are seeing  before us the entire dramatic shift.

An elite has sought to dominate the direction of Human Society and to marginalize the Human input, but clear chinks in the armour of the Technocratic Global Elite are apparent today. Brexit puts an end to the EU dream of a Global State and we are wittnessing similair threats to the North American Union on this side of the Atlantic. The Trump challenge threatens to dethrone the TTP, TTIP and other lawless schemes which have masqueraded as law in the form of unexecuted Treaties. Truely “The Times they are a Changin.”

Off Grid living is everywhere under attack in the name of Agenda 21. Amish Raw milk producers, collectors of rainwater, sponsors of garage sales, farmers, entrepreneurs everywhere are under attack. Emphasis is upon relocating populations into cities under the UN “Strong Cities initiative.” People are herded increasingly out of the small towns.

This social engineering is neither sustainable development nor is it socially responsible planning. Usually it is not even legal. Lawlessness is the “Order of the day!”

Modern life is increasingly more alienated and cut off from its roots. The genius of the Renaissance arose from the contacts which scholars had with raw empirical science. This increasingly becomes a remote out of reach experience.Renaissance was founded around Human principles of Honor and Loyalty. Truely there are flaws in the Renaissance ethics as are witnessed in the behavior of the era but nevertheless an honesty prevailed in the culture not to be found in today’s society which is organized around principles of Taquiyah and Gaslighting. Deception is the standard of the day. We are now at the conclusion of this dismal era and there is hope in Culture Reborn.

Reborn to Renaissance thinking and to renewal. Everywhere humanism is reborn. Man in all of his glory, in all ofhis creations is rediscovered to reign over the machines rather than the opposite.

I will quote at length a rant of the talk show host Alex Jones regarding this increasingly rare experience:

It has become a luxury to work on your car

It is a luxury to have a garden, to have a little piece of land or a piece of woods.

This is so pathetically evil, and everything they do is about getting you off the land.

Getting you into controlled areas.  Getting you into the the system.

I’m totally going more analog in my life.  I’m disconnecting more and more.

I come in to fight the matrix inside bathed in electromagnetic radiation and lights

and all this is like being tortured in here for four hours.

I am much smarter when I am not in lights knowing what I am doing I love it.

It even hurts my eyesight I dont come I love it.

The point of this is if you cannot be part of this it is a luxury not to.  It is a luxury to have a garden.  It is a luxury to have a little piece of land.  It is a luxury to carve wood.  It is a luxury to make your own carburator.  It is a  luxury to prune your own roses.  It is a luxury to spend time with your own kids

Everything the globalists are selling is death and lies and fraud.  Everything trendy is pure evil to hurt you and your family period.



Along with the Collapse of the EU we also see systems of oppression crumbling in the U.S. . The criminal regime which has for so long maintained a strangle hold in the states is disintegrating it seems. We may once again see the Light of Day. The re-instatement of Entrepreneurial Capitalism  versus the Monopolistic systems we see today and the reassertion of fair trade situations which allow this country to thrive and prosper.

Still we witness the vestiges of Political Correctness and   the “divide and conquer” systems which have been used so effectively to destroy the society and dumb down the population. Nevertheless a large plurality remains aware and an  awakening in the populace increasingly is taking  place day by day.

Political Correctness in this time has been a marvel to behold. Third wave feminism hardly resembles feminism at all instead it chooses to endorse goat-herding mores that involve the widespread violation of women and bringing the 21st century back into the Stone Age. We have seen the coinage  of such language as “Trigger warnings,” “Microagressions, “”Safe space.” Displeasure is expressed through “Jazz hands”  “Pizazz hands, “and “civil fingers.” We have witnessed the emergence of the “Trigglipuff” class of social justice warriors. It is a “Brave New World ” indeed and quite scary.

Today we see the scandal of the Attorney General  and the FBI concerning the case of Hillary Clinton and her State Department emails.

This situation does not seem to have escapable consequences therefore  we now emerge upon the rise of a New Age. The”Old” is about to be banished to the garbage heaps of History .The Hope of the Human Specie is reborn afresh in this day!!

Ralph and Susanna Copyright 2016










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