Family social organization holds a sacred place in the history of mankind in 3,000 to 6,000 distinct cultural traditions, depending on where you draw the line. Family has both in Prehistory and History been identified with kinship and marriage structure. For the sake of survival, marriage was between males and females usually with exogamous rule of marriage. Exogamy is marriage outside of the primary group. The incest taboo is found universally amongst traditional peoples.

In the evolutionary survival of the species kinship has been all-important. Kinship was so important that in ancient Australian society if tribesmen went “Walkabout”  ( and they met each other on the path, they had to either prove that they were related or kill each other. There were sophisticated means of reckoning kinship similair to algebra, and they were always able to do so. As a reckoning system,  ancient kinship systems were very sophisticated whereby kinship was determined.      .

Kinship and social organization can rightfully be seen as the most powerful and important technological developments of the last quarter million years. Without this sophisticated social organization, mankind could not have developed the wealth of knowledge and powerful technology which has brought us to this frontier of today. All human progress has largely been dependent upon this human social structure.

The most powerful humanistic kinship structure in the history of the world was the Indo-European and in particular the Greek and the Roman traditions. It was the Romans with their strong Humanistic family structure which created the ultimate most resilient society. The 1st Roman Republic lasted a thousand years and we are now in the 4th Roman Republic . Lets take a look at the reasons why.

The Roman family was organized around ancestor worship and around the fires of the family hearth. The family hearth was sacred and woe to the family who let it be extinguished. An Ancestral  tomb  was close  by to the family dwelling.  The living and deceased resided together as a family.

The Roman family was organized around a masculine principle of authority, the Paters Familia “male head of household.” All power of the household was exercised through the Father, even unto the power of life and death. In this and many regards the male head of the household was superior in power and authority to the Civitas or State itself. This legal concept was expressed in the Roman Law principle of Dominium. All legal rights over the Roman household resided in the male head of household.

Marriage in Rome was exogamous. When a daughter left her father’s house to marry into another family she left behind the hearth and gods of her Father’s ancestors. She then became totally devoted to the ancestors and gods of her husband’s family. The  purpose of the marriage was  to create descendents to insure the continuation of the family hearth and ancestral worship. The strength of the unity of this family structure cannot be overestimated.

The Family in ancient Rome took precedent over the city government itself.

Now cut forward in human history to modern times and the rise of the modern industrial state. The Napoleonic wars did much damage to family structure.  Modern Prussian education, psychology etc., etc., has created a very weak family structure. Increasingly through wars and propaganda the family has been degraded  from an extended family into an abbreviated mother-father-son-daughter “Nuclear” Family.  This has replaced the richness and extensiveness of the previous extended family.

The effects of War on the American family through WWI and WWII were absolutely devastating.  It is well known that The American family has been  dystunctional along with the Millenial generation, the destruction  of the educational system, the country being flooded with a plethora of drugs on a continual basis,”Gangsta Rap” which is a  weaponized drug culture. This formula is meant to lead to the total destruction of the family.

Statism states that children do not belong to their families. l  The State has declared that Mother and Father are no longer legitimate terms.  Along with the promotion of  LGBT in which dominates the airwaves.

Now gaze upon the appalling sight of an overweening State with borders wide open to the flow of illegal immigrants, heroin and many other drugs. What has been left of the family structure is now being torn apart.

Obituary,  Julie Lowry from Lost to Heroin:

“My sister died May  15, 2016 of a Heroin overdose. My brother in law shot and killed himself just a few hours later.  They left behind 4 kids and 2 grandsons.  My sister also started out on pain pills after having back surgery. Just 4 days before her death her “pain management” Dr left suddenly.  Just called the day ofher appointment and said he’s no longer there.  “

And another heartbreaking story from this Obituary:

My heart is broken as this awful disease. This fucking drug took yet another persons life 2 days ago. .except this time it hit a lot closer to home than i ever thought possible. Its so sad when people are trying to do the right thing and active users come around flaunting the fact that they’re still using..and that person who probably wouldn’t have just gone out on their own and used ends up getting high, and then not waking up, and whats worse is that dope wasn’t even his drug of choice. Ive seen a few overdoses but never have i i seen someone die from one. But 2 days ago i did. And the image of this guy, this good guy just trying to do right laying on the floor of my living room, face down in a pile of vomit, completely unresponsive is burned into my head. And there is nothing i can do to bring him back. I had to call his mother and tell her what had happened which was almost as bad as having to call 911. I wish this would all just end. Nobody deserves to die.. especially not that way…R.I.P. (F.T.)

Whereby now “Baby Mammas” and “Baby Daddys” are the kinship terminology of the gangsta rap and drug culture in American society today.  In addition to this there are also other truncated kinship forms such as “Mother-son-daughter”, or “father-son-daughter”, mother-mother-son-daughter, or father-father-son-daughter, none of which are encompassing the stability and richness of the previous extended family.


All  structures of kinship face the challenge of life in this current society. Take for  example the challenges faced in New England having to do with narcotics. Just do a Google search of the  Heroin epidemic in New England and for closer insight search  Opiate  deaths in New England. Have a look at what the family has been reduced to now fighting for its life and utter existence.

Ultimately narcotics whether prescribed or otherwise are a spiritual issue.  We live in such a bigoted culture that one cannot even mention insights from the Christian Bible with impunity from “Political Correctitude.”  Nevertheless as John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation clearly demonstrates drugs are a spiritual issue.  The term for Sorcery in the ancient greek is Pharmakoia , and it is interchangeable with the same word for sorcery and drugs.


Copyright Ralph and Susanna All Rights Reserved 2016.




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