The Board asks current Management a few questions.



Regarding our conversation of recently. A few questions which can be asked regarding the name change, board of directors etc.  This probably can be narrowed down to 3 or 4 questions which have to do with the name change and the dissolution of AEMC Inc.

Biruni Bike seems to be a new corporation and what is the representation of the stakeholders?
What is the status and makeup of the board of directors?  When was the last time a board of directors was scheduled?  Is corporate procedure being followed?
Have the positions of the stakeholders been carried forth to the new company?
What is the disposition of the stakeholder’s to the new company?  Are they still included?  If not so then why not?
Loyal pay makes loyal workers.  Are there plans to compensate workers for the work they have done heretofore?  If not why not?
The Name change.  Why was the name changed?
Assets and liabilities  Does the disposition of  assets and liabilities carry from one company to the other?
Intellectual property.
AEMC dissolved as well as Biruni Motorbike.  Why was this done?
Ralph Watson
pls respond

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