A tribute to the original Lightfoot Cycles and to Rod Miner, creator of these wonderful bikes.  After Susanna and I left Greenzone it was my great pleasure to be a representative for Lightfoot and these beautiful bicycles for over a year in 2014 and 2015.  If you wish to see a standard of American-made excellence in bicycles that will be the Lightfoot.  All of the bike shop dealers will attest to this.  It was always considered an event to have one of these bikes in the shop or work on or sell one!

It is my great pleasure to have a Lightfoot Ranger as my daily ride.  Rod had informed me that by changing out the tires to the fat-tires,  the Ranger becomes an off road monster-bike.  I can’t wait to have this offroad experience with my bike.

Also , a tribute to the National Greenway Tour, which is established and seeks to create the Great American Bicycle Highway from San Francisco to Wash. D.C.

See also below the two videos, first the Ranger, and secondly the wonderfully designed Greenway trike!

These bikes and trikes represent the highest watermark of excellence in American creation of bicycles. They are loved by all.  As is noted at the end of this interview by the interviewerer, Lightfoot  and Rod Miner have “Kept the purity.”

Lightfoot currently is not producing bicycles in North america.

Rod is also a sponser of the National Bicycle Greenway, which is creating a beautiful bicycle highway across these United States:http://bikeroute.com/SF-DCNBGAnchorCities.php .


This is the beautiful Lightfoot Ranger which it is my great pleasure to ride every single day!!!


As the premier offering as a tricycle, the Lightfoot Ranger is without peer! :


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