After 2 to 3 quarters of creating multiplier effect of 2x sales to 3x sales per quarter it will become possible to do an IPO for 25 million dollars. This should be all the focus.

Hence the importance of the private placement for 200-300,000. With these funds appropriate management can be established. Appropriate sales force should be selectively established for the most promising areas.

In addition funds should be expended to utilize the vast sales data acquired through the 2 years of intense marketing for these products. It is a travesty that this data has not been properly utilized. This should be an asset which has been utilized by the company and it is foolish not to do so.

There should be a headhunter utilized in order to locate a V.P. of sales based on search for sales acumen and this function should be separated from the creative function. Having established creation of an excellent product emphasis should be on producing the sales to take the company to the next level. This can be accomplished through having a sales-orientated manager who can deliver on inventory growth and management and sales.

These are very nice bicycles and if they properly marketed a successful company can emerge. This should be allowed to occur. Emphasis should be given to seeing that all who participated in the creation of this company be properly compensated in the rewards of the successful venture being created.

Sincerely Ralph and Susanna Copyright 2015



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