The Holiday season is upon us and the competition within the electric bicycle entries this year is ferocious. With each new day comes the introduction of new models and brands. Just to get a feel for the competition google “dropshippers.” This gives you the range of dropshippers. Then google “Biruni Motorbike.”  What you will see is coverage in possibly up to 100 dropshippers with new ones being added every day. On the one hand this a good thing, but on the other it is limiting. Most of the dropshippers offer up to 20 competing bikes at the same time, so the competition is fierce.

Then notice with the fierce competition, there is also the entry of Sears establishing a new competitive price-point.  Sears looks to cash in on the holiday season with the Watseka model:


Sears now establishes the new pricepoint and the entire market will compete against this. Sears will drive the new market discussions of pricepoint.

Dropshipping listings are good, but alone are not enough. It is necessary to have presence in the world of bicycle shops or  “brick-and-mortar.” as they are known it the industry. It must be noted that this company had its opportunity to have that kind of sales presence 5 years ago but did not take that opportunity seriously. Consequently the company is once again left empty-handed today in these markets, and we, Ralph and Susanna  are left with an active list of 1000 bicycle shops in our database. We were told that this is not “The Biruni Way” of selling. Because our leads were not taken seriously the opportunity was missed to establish these markets. This represents a failure on the part of current management to put it simply. Thus leaving the Shareholders and Stakeholders in the lurch in regard to lost sales.

The Biruni Metropolitan is beginning to show up in all the drop-shipper markets. It is being showcased against a wide array of electric bike offerings.

The brick-and-mortar shops were available for the taking. Unfortunately though bicycles were being offered for sale by management, no bicycles were available for delivery.Then there was a sales contract which specified the necessity that dealers must commit to 3-15 bikes per quarter. No dealer knows when purchasing a floor model whether or not it will sell. To put potential dealers in this position is to miss the opportunity.

Back in 2011 Susanna had been quoting nonstop “You snooze you lose” to no avail.  Now we are upon the time of reckoning and “The proof is in the pudding!”

Ralph and Susanna Copyright 2015



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