Mention must be made of the exceptional, special capabilities of my associate in having insight into what was actually occurring behind the scenes at Biruni Motorbike back in 2011. Without these special insights into the company, it would have been impossible to have identified and exposed the nature of the true game here.

I can readily attest to her abilities and insight which are not common and are exceptional. What comes to be laid bare is the nature of the true interaction which is occuring. It was these insights which have guided me to a clear understanding of the true nature of affairs which were occurring at Biruni Motorbike Company. One must conclude that things at the company are not as they seem. A much closer, in depth look at what was occurring at Biruni, under her in depth scrutiny, lead me to clear understanding as to why the company plan could not work. Upon Susanna’s getting to the heart of the matter having to do with very important clients on Wall Street being ignored, it was very apparent to her that something was very wrong. Management stood exposed and outed in his game. This unique service was performed through a sophisticated use of the analytic toolbox of Clinical Psychology, combined with an advanced utilization of the very highly advanced psychic abilities. I like to describe her abilities as “three times that of a Freudian analyst.” Her efficacy in analysis is very much above the norm, the perspicacity with which she draws conclusions from in depth gnosis into the situation coupled with psychic data is truly phenomenal and extraordinary. She gives very in depth intuitive sessions with very deep, useful and meaningful insights.

I highly recommend working with her.



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