It has come to our attention, that it has been said that the two of us as a sales team, made no contribution to the company.

The communication below was received by my associate Susanna and I January 24, 2012. This was in the lee of the Company’s raise of the funds necessary to purchase the first 100 bicycles to inventory. It is worthy of note that these funding partners were introduced by us to the Company. This was subsequent to our finding out that the product which we had been told was real and which we were selling did not exist. We set about seeing to it that it did exist. It can be truthfully said that without our introduction to these funding partners the bicycle inventory of this company would not have existed.

There was no recognition of us for this at the time nor since, so we will just go ahead and take that recognition for ourselves right now!

Subject: agreement between Sales team members

Dear Ralph and Susanna,

Protecting the interests of Biruni Motorbikes and our sales team is very important to our company. Ralph and Susanna put forward an amazing effort to present our company Biruni Motorbikes. With the effort now comes the reward and hopefully many contracts with dealers and individuals.

I requested Ralph to have an agreement between the both of you discussing now and future. This detail should include the split in commission, efforts and God forbid if you guys decide to part ways how are we as a company, continue to do business with you Ralph and Susanna?

My request for such an agreement between our sales representatives working together is industry standard. I hope that we can receive this contract ASAP to continue our efforts forward and achieve our goal of getting a great product to many waiting to discover our bikes.

We all have invested much in this process. I like to see us working together to retain the momentum put forward for so long.
Best Regards,

Kaneshka Salehi



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