bicycle-on-the-ocean-city-new-jersey-boardwalk-melissa-ross1. THERE IS A NEED FOR RECIPROCITY AND APPRECIATION IN THE COMPANY. There needs to be more appreciation for the individual workers and less of the “Cult of Personality.”

2. THERE IS A NEED FOR MORE VALUE ENGINEERING AND LESS EMPHASIS ON STYLISTICS. Greater emphasis should be put toward the everyday functionality of the bikes and trikes.

3. THE BIKES NEED TO BE PROPERLY PRICED, NOT OVERPRICED. Sales need to be “Customer Friendly.” With the proper mass outreach in marketing, these markets can be acquired.

4. THE MARKETING EFFORT NEEDS TO BE GEARED TO INVENTORY TURNOVER, OVERALL GROWTH OF SALES AND EARNINGS ABOVE ALL This is Marketing 101. Maximum emphasis should be placed on Inventory turnover, growth of sales, revenues and earnings.

5. THERE NEEDS TO BE GENERAL ACCOUNTING AND CONTROL IN PLACE AS WELL AS INVENTORY ACCOUNTING. These need to be established for the company and payroll put in place.

6. THERE IS A NEED TO REWARD AND RECOGNIZE THOSE WHO CREATE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Everything is a team effort. Everyone needs to be recognized and rewarded for their effort and input and what they add to the company.

7. THERE IS A NEED FOR AN INCENTIVIZED SALES PROGRAM IN THE FIELD. There is a need for an incentivized sales program – aggressive national sales effort. We believe there is a need to superceed the current method of “sales by special appointment” with agressive national sales.

8. THE TECHNOLOGY MUST BE COMPETITIVE Technology should be current state of the art and “leading edge” in the market.

9. OPERATIONS NEED TO BE IN PLACE. There is a need for management based on sound operational principles. The company should be geared to making profits and discharging company obligation.


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